AWOINGT is a village situated two kilometers far from Cambrai in the North of France. It is close to the A2 Motorway. The village comprises 320 households and 904 people. The Awoingt blazon is composed of an azured stripe ornamented with three gold scallop-shells on a silver background. The Roman occupation of the village is testified by the discovery of vestiges of former dwellings.Awoingt knew various names : Oenium in 1074, Oyan 1250, Auwain-les-Cambray in1586, Aoin in 1690, Awoin later and finally, since 1801, it has been known as Awoingt .

Awoingt is part of the royal history of France. In March 1677 the King of France, LOUIS XIV established his headquarters in Awoingt and stationed his army on the upper part of the village overviewing Cambrai in order to attack and reconquer the city occupied by the Spaniards. Awoingt is a short trip from Lille (the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region capital), Douai, Arras and Valenciennes. It's 15 kms far from Caudry reputed for its tradition of lace-making (the lace of Kate Middleton's wedding gown was made in Caudry as well as the dresses worn by the actresses in The Great Gatsby)), some 25 kms from Le Cateau and its Matisse-Museum and 200 kms far from Paris.

THE PARISH COUNCIL Headed by Monsieur le Maire Jean Richard LECHOWICZ the « Conseil Municipal »(The Parish Council) is composed of four deputies and ten councillors.